Web App Features

An uncluttered view of the KPIs that matter to you most


Sometimes less is more.  In today’s world of information overload,an uncluttered summarized view of only your most important key performance indicators makes a lot of sense.

View and study your data using simple doughnut charts, graphs, and other visual elements that makes sense for your datasets.

Simple controls to filter your datasets and analyze just the right records.

Links to the forms right from the dashboard: for example, click on a doughnut chart block, and view just those records.

Dashboard honors user permissions:

  • Users with role = Inspector can log into the web app but will only view KPIs for their own records, not anyone else’s

  • Users with role = Manager or Admin can log into the web app and view KPIs for all records

View, print, and share your data


View, sort, and drill down into the records collected by your field teams that you are interested in reviewing and analyzing. From the Forms screen, you can do the following:

  • Filter by application, by form name, and by date range

  • Filter dynamically via type-ahead feature

  • View submitted form in HTML format on screen, print to PDF, and export to Excel

  • Attach a document to the submitted form (supports any document type)

  • Sort by column (click on a column to sort by that column)

Map the location where your forms were filled out


Forms that are submitted by your users are automatically geocoded based on the geolocation where the form was initiated. As such, you can plot the geolocation of the forms submitted by your team.  This is of course, permission-driven, so as long as your users have given the XForms app permission to capture their location, this feature is available.

From the Map View screen, you can:

  • Filter by application, by form name, and by date range

  • View map pins of submitted forms on a Google Map

  • Drill down into a form detail by clicking on a map pin


 Simple user permission setup and control


Add a new user and assign them one of 3 preset permission levels quickly and easily

Deactivate or restrict users with a couple of clicks

Grant contractors or outside parties read-only access to view data collected on their behalf

Set up your own password policies with simple on/off switches and controls


Give specific access to your own clients

Add a credential to your own customer to access their data in read-only mode

Control the application(s) they have access to

Add/edit form templates and reference lists


Add, update, and remove form templates used to generate new forms

Edit reference lists that populate listboxes

Short clips illustrating the Form Designer in action