Updated November 24, 2020

How much does this cost?

Our pricing page can be found here: https://xformspro.com//pricing

Where can I download the iOS, Android, or Windows app?

Go to this page: https://xformspro.com//downloads

Note that you can also run XForms completely within a modern web browser (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge), even in offline mode. 

Does this run in offline mode?

Yes.  Even the web browser version of the mobile app runs in offline mode.  This means that you can take your Windows or Mac laptop to a remote field project site and use XForms to fill out your field forms using a modern web browser, even in airplane mode.  All form elements work in offline mode, including taking a picture from your laptop camera, even when using the web browser version in airplane mode.  Note that the offline feature of XForms is still relatively young, meaning that synchronization is still very basic up and down (from server to local and vice versa).  Future releases will include intelligent synchronization, such that file changes will be detected and only changed files will be synchronized.

Does the mobile app really work on web browsers?

Yes.  The native mobile apps and the web version of those apps are virtually indistinguishable.  Out of the box, XForms over a modern web browser can capture geolocation data and can drive your laptop camera, even when in airplane mode (except geolocation capture) with no internet connection.  That’s not a typo.  Yes, it can run in offline mode over a web browser and can drive your laptop camera while in offline mode.

Does the system include an already built generic dashboard for viewing collected data?

Yes and no.  Currently (as of November 24, 2020) a basic/generic dashboard is available, where you can search/filter/sort/view your submitted forms including PDF and HTML versions of them, view the geolocation data of the submitted forms on a map, and manage your users/user credentials.  Graphs/charts displaying your KPIs is still a custom-built thing until that part of the dashboard is built out as a generic component. 

Can I really use XForms for commissioning large projects?

Yes.  One of the main use cases that XForms was designed for is the ability to automatically calculate partial % complete at the form level, and to be able to handle huge datasets.  On mobile, the Cx workflow differs from the standard workflow in that when you tap on the “+” icon on the bottom right of the dashboard screen, it pulls up a list of devices needing to be commissioned, whereas in the standard workflow, when you tap on that button it pulls up a list of blank form templates to choose from.

More info about XForms Cx can be found on https://xformspro.com//commissioning-software

Do I need to build my own form templates?

Not if you don’t want to.  While the XForms Designer is easy to use and has a short learning curve, we can build the first versions of your forms for you, after which you can edit/clone them as needed.

Can XForms read barcodes and/or RFID tags?

As of November 24, 2020, no.  However, the ability to read barcodes and RFID tags can be added fairly quickly.  If this is something your particular use case requires, please contact us.

Is my data safe?

Yes.  XForms is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the most reliable and secure cloud on the planet. Data is encrypted at rest state in the elastic datastore and also while in transit via SSL.  Access to the database can only be made via the XForms APIs. More info is available here: https://xformspro.com//platform/#architecture

Do the Excel-like table grids have calculated fields (basic math)?

Yes, You can now add a calculated column to the table grid control in XForms which will populate automatically using a formula you can specify that uses other numeric columns on the same row. It also has an optional footer which you can toggle on and off which has the ability to SUM all the row values of a numeric column. More info about these features can be found here: https://xformspro.com//calculated-columns/

Can I use XForms just for field data collection, and then push that data into my own enterprise software tool?

Yes!  This is a perfect use case for XForms.  You would do this by using XForms’ RESTful APIs.  Info and documentation about that can be found here: https://xformspro.com//developers

What metadata is collected when using XForms Mobile?

XForms Mobile has the ability to capture the following metadata automatically whenever a form is opened:

  • user_id
  • date-timestamp
  • geolocation
  • machine_id

Note that some of the information above is dependent upon the user giving permission to the app to collect this information. 

The photos taken with XForms Mobile, can they be extracted out of XForms and inserted into other software tools?

Yes, everything collected in XForms is extractable programmatically.  This includes the original photo taken, the edited photo that includes a draw layer on top of it, the photo caption….even the metadata is extractable. More info about this can be found at https://xformspro.com//developers


Do the XForms APIs work with Zapier and other integration tools?

Yes!   XForms’ RESTful APIs can be accessed via a Zapier Zap and similar tools (e.g., integromat.com, automate.io, etc).  Info about our APIs can be found here: https://xformspro.com//developers

We are currently (as of November 24, 2020) working on a generic Integromat integration, which works similar to Zapier.  This tool should be available before the end of 2020.


Can XForms integrate with other software tools, like BIM360, Procore, and Bluebeam?

Yes! XForms has public-facing RESTful APIs, which can be used to communicate in both directions.  You can insert and update data (e.g., reference lists) programmatically into XForms, and retrieve/extract data out of XForms.  Everything that is stored in XForms can be extracted out programmatically, including signatures, table grid cell values, photos, draw layer above the photo, photo captions, the HTML and PDF versions of the saved forms, and even the metadata (i.e., geolocation, date_timestamp, user_id, and machine_id) associated with a saved form.  More information is available here: https://xformspro.com//developers

What technology is XForms built in?

XForms is built using a combination of technologies, including Angular for web, Ionic/Capacitor for mobile, .NET Core for APIs, Cosmos DB for datastorage, and Microsoft’s Azure stack.  More information is available here: https://xformspro.com//platform

Do you have an affiliate or partnership program?

Yes!  Contact us to discuss your particular interest.