XForms Cx Platform

For Commissioning Use Cases

Powerfully Simple



Design your own commissioning form templates & checklists easily

Simpler to use than your typical form designer, with drag & drop UI

Clone an entire form with a single click, clone a section of a form, clone a field inside a section, and even clone a row in a table

Build fully controllable Excel-like tables, something that no other software tool has available today.  With this control, you can even create calculated columns for Test and Balance (TAB) use cases.

Automatic version control…no need to worry about any of that stuff…it’s handled automatically for you

Or have us build the initial forms for you (which you can edit/clone later)


Set up your own hierarchical structure


Establish your own hierarchy and way of organizing your equipment/device list

Assign form templates and % complete weights to each end-node of your hierarchy

As equipment is commissioned, % complete values automatically roll up from the end nodes up to the top of your hierarchy 


 Import your equipment list


Download a CSV template with one click

Import your equipment/device list to be commissioned with a click

Dynamic type-ahead search to find specific equipment/devices

Batch-assign device types and system IDs to your equipment


Import your system codes list and assign them scheduled completion dates


Download a CSV template with one click

Import your system codes list with a click

Dynamic type-ahead search to find specific system codes

Edit start and completion dates for each system (or assign during import)


Deploy to your commissioning field techs

Works in both online and offline mode on any device type and OS, including iOS, Android, Windows, and web

Three levels of user permissions to control data access

Captures metadata (geolocation, date/time stamp, user_id) when a form is opened

Field techs can save as draft or submit a completed form

% complete calculations are handled automatically, using % complete weights assigned to the device type end-node

Fully integrated punchlists (aka, discrepancies/issues)

Field techs can add a punchlist record for generalized issues (e.g., housekeeping, safety, etc) and for issues specific to a device.

Fully customizable punchlist forms…use text, listboxes, checkboxes, pictures, and draw on top of pictures to create your own unique punchlist format.

Simple color-coded “open“, “completed“, and “closed” status per punchlist. “Open” means that an identified punchlist item is still present. “Completed” means that the item has been resolved but not confirmed to be resolved yet.  “Closed” means that an item has been resolved and confirmed in the field to be resolved.

Use your own priority scale to mark the importance of the issue (numerical or text).

System automatically pre-populates the punchlist record with device information (e.g., device_id, device description, system code, user, date/time)

On the web reporting side, change the priority level and/or status of the punchlist item, print it to PDF, and share it with others.

Simplified dashboard, with percent complete gauge and big, fat, colorful number blocks

View your most important metrics from a super simple and easy-to-understand dashboard

See what’s been done, what’s in progress, and what’s left to do

Click on the gauge or a number block to view more details behind the displayed metric

View % complete values, walkdown curves, and system turnover curves

With a couple of clicks, drill down to view % complete at different hierarchical levels, with ability to drill down to an individual piece of equipment/device

Compare actual walkdown timelines against baseline

View actual system turnover timelines against scheduled turnover timelines

Give your clients access to their own projects


Offer a real-time view of your project progress to your client.

Easy to set up.  Just add a new user like usual, but select “Client” for the “Role” listbox.  

Control which projects to share with your client.  To do this, click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen, and then cherry-pick the projects you would like to share with your client. 

Show your colors. When your client logs in, they will see your logo in a splash-screen pop up.

Clone a project with a couple of clicks


Instantly clone a project’s setup with 2 clicks

Automatically clones device types hierarchy, form assignments, and % complete weights.  If you are commissioning a new project that is similar to a previous project, you don’t need to re-create your device hierarchies, assigned forms, or % complete weights.  These can be cloned automatically for you.  

Optionally clones system IDs.  You can also optionally clone the System IDs from a project by sliding the on-off switch to on.



Simplicity is our superpower

Albert Einstein said… “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” 

That’s the approach we took when designing XForms Cx, which is:

  • Simple to set up and go live with on a project
  • Simple to deploy and use by your field crews
  • Simple yet meaningful analytics and reports

Check out the powerful simplicity of XForms Cx for yourself.  Give the 20-second video below a view, and click/tap on the button below to schedule a demo.